Budgeted Hourly Cost Rates Software
For The Printing And Packaging Industry

Estimate better, price smarter, increase sales, and maximize profits.

Your business evolves. So do your costs. Cost Rates Advisor helps printing and packaging companies determine the break-even cost of their equipment and services. It provides an accurate picture of your true costs so you can confidently and strategically estimate and price jobs.

Top Features and Benefits

checkCalculates your break-even out-of-pocket costs based on your expenses, employee wages, assets, and costs.

checkCalculates your direct manufacturing costs, sales and administration costs, and all-inclusive costs.

checkCreate true cost estimates so you can price wiser, win more quotes, and increase sales and profits.

checkDesigned by industry experts based on proven best practices, formulas, standards, and accounting principles.

checkMore robust than spreadsheets. Intuitive user interface, built-in intelligence, free professional advice, over 20 reports, & highly secure.

checkDoes more than BHRs. Produce financial analysis of your expenses, labor cost, and benchmarks against the PIA Financial Ratio Studies.

checkUsed by printing and packaging companies throughout North America spanning all industry segments.

checkImports data from spreadsheets, accounting software, and print management software - making setup fast and easy.

checkCloud anywhere, anytime access from any PC, MAC, iPad, or Tablet using a compatible browser. No software to install or download.

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